fredag, juli 11, 2008

Day Three – Bahia Honda Beach and Key West

Trip from Miami to Bahia Honda State Park with Johan & Carin at 7.50 in the morning.

Snorekling canceled due to weather.

Trip to Key West.

Ebba and reptile friend, Key West.

Flemminggatan, Key West

Trip Home

Drinks and dinner on the roof

Miami Day Two – South Beach

Pool Breakfast at the Gansevoort.

Mini burger lunch at the Raleigh.

Lizard visit at the Raleigh.

Ebba's shell tip at the Raleigh.

Miami Day One – Arrival

Gansevoort South rooftop drinks.

Rooftop view.


måndag, juli 07, 2008

Blogglanseringskampanj: R E B U S !

Vinn ordet det blir!

"It's ok, I used to be a photographer"

Three pictures our waiter insisted taking yesterday at Zuni Café, with the words "it's ok, I used to be a photographer".

Great job, Mr "photographer".
(In the pictures, myself, Oriol Ferrer Mesià, Yves Behar, Ebba, Adam Bly)